Should you follow your dreams?

I tackled a similar topic previously when I asked if talent truly exists. Making the assumption that it does and keep in my mind I’m using talent in a very broad sense here not just applying it to the arts. If you can make the best damn sandwich this side of the mississippi then in my eyes you are one talented son of a bitch! But say for example your talent is something mundane such as in being a true master of the customer service desk but all your life all you have ever wanted to do is sing your little heart out is it worth pursuing? This is a question I have toyed with for many a stressful and confused hour. I have come to the conclusion that not following your dreams may in fact be just as empowering as actually pursuing them. Art in any form of the word is highly subjective one mans Mona Lisa is another man’s “what talentless hack drew this?” Ambition is an empowering characteristic to have so is aspiration. The possession of such a trait the knowing that “I’m going to be out of this shit hole and touring the world as soon as I get my big break” can help keep a person sane and convince them to continue on. These emotions if you do indeed muster up the courage to pursue your dreams are however only temporary. What happens if you fail? Ignorance can only get you so far a person may dream of being a popstar but if they can’t sing to save their life it isn’t going to happen. The act of pursuing one’s dream runs the risk of them “finding out”. Ambition and aspiration are very fragile emotions and the crushing of a dream or the boo of a crowd can very easily shatter them. Which is why I have begun to wonder which is more important the dream or the chasing of the dream? Is the dream itself flawed? Why is it that someone who can’t dance should dream of doing ballet? Most young children when you ask them what they want to be when they grow up can only muster up a few answers “police officer, truck driver, manager of a night club” etc… Do adults think in the same way? Is there something about the characteristics of being a popstar that actually applies to the individual but they are blind to the concept? Does a want to be director truely love the craft of the cinema or the weaving of gripping tale? Is being a writer or a journalist a more fitting match for them but they just cannot see it yet? I would argue yes. Very few and by that I mean next to no one has the skills charisma and luck to end up as a multi millionaire recording artist but the ambition to is almost definitely present within a fair few more. Holding on to that passion and desire is an empowering thing and I highly suggest you keep it but in saying that be realistic about your dream if it is unattainable find a more realistic outlet with similar characteristics for you to pursue. Is it a constellation or settling? That depends on how you view your situation but I can almost guarantee you that if you’re unhappy now it will remedy the situation. Stay empowered, be realistic but keep moving forward.


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