Freedom doesn’t exist

I’m almost always constantly feeling confused and disempowered but what’s strange is that the feelings are almost always coupled with a sense purpose and empowerment. Freedom is sold to us as a liberating idea America itself constantly boasts about how free it’s citizens are and the concept most definantly applies to the entirety of the free world (it ain’t called ree for nothing). But as you know because it’s been beaten down our throats in almost every English class, we aren’t truly free. Atleast not in the broad sense of the word we only have a few what appears to be minor forms of which we can truly express freedom but all of those are locked behind an ideology we have no control over. I have the power to decide what occupation I posses, what crap I want to buy and how I style my hair do I have freedom? Yes… but only to a certain extent. If I was truly free shouldn’t I have the choice to not have a job? To not buy a car to drive in? To dye my hair purple if I so desire? These concepts lie within an evil infrastructure that is capitalism. I am being sold the illusion of freedom. And yet I eat it up. Genius is a concept which never burdened me so I am trapped within my freedom cell and yet the limited freedom I have is too much freedom. I don’t know what job I want I may think I do but I don’t, nothing seems to fit. Yesterday I flirted with the idea of becoming a lawyer even though I have never even applied to a law school. Which iPhone I should buy constantly troubles my thoughts even though I have no one to call. But I am free.¬†All I want in this world is to be happy but what is happiness? And how do I posses such a sought after trait? Will a good job and a nice new car allow me the ability to wake up each morning with a sense of worth? Is this all for nothing? Am I just one of billions in Jesus’ game of Sims and my own self worth is too invalid for the universe to do anything about? I believe the answer here is to strip away those very frustrating ideologies. Now I’m not meaning communism here or taking away the currency system no. I believe financial independence is the only true way for one to be entirely happy (excluding love for the sake of this argument). Don’t spend money is my solution I only wanted the new Play Station because the internet said I should have but if I detract that thought from my mind I can focus my time and energy of something important such as education the key to a better life. Money is like piss and the bank is like a bucket, piss in the bucket not on the carpet. Fuck consumerism if you’re unhappy quit your job and earn money busking on the beach if you don’t spend what you make except for the bare necessities soon financial independence but on a smaller scale will be an achievable goal. You’re not free you just think you are. refuse your freedom and instead create a better freedom


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