Are we all “interviewed by Ellen” talented?

Does talent or an innate ability to excel in one specific area actually exist? Or have I bought into a common misconception. A very specific life lesson I remember getting taught again and again is that you should follow your heart, your heart knows what it wants. But I ask does it truly? Speaking with a sense of cynicism cursed upon me years in advance of its natural appearance I have come to believe the heart is no more trustworthy than that of the gut. The heart gives bad advice. You may dream with all of your might to be a pop star or an astronout but the heart doesn’t take into account your own physical and emotional limitations. It’s a very cruel experience to want something more so than anything else in the world only to discover that in the execution stage that you lack the practical skills to do so. Is it your own fault? Yes and no. Did you want it? Sure don’t we all who doesn’t to follow their dreams? How badly did you want it? That’s a common question and statement received upon failure: “You’re not talented enough, you didn’t want it enough.” Thanks for the support guy you could have told me before I made a jackass of myself at the battle of the bands. Before I get too sidetracked here I want to say this I believe in my own very humble opinion that we are all naturally talented in one specific area. However we don’t all possess the natural talent which is required for us to be interviewed on Ellen. Who’s fault is it? Who knows maybe like humans their are skilled sperm and obeses, unintelligent sperm you might be the latter, shit I probably am the latter. Does it make us bad people? That depends maybe if you’ve ever felt the urge to masturbate to your old high school yearbook then yes probably it does. As much as I hate math I believe that finding your skill set much like finding love is a numbers game. Darts isn’t your thing? Here’s the good news maybe picking up trash under the highway is, give it a try. Detract yourself from whom it is that you think you are and what it is that you believe you excel most in because is it truly? How can you say without a doubt that you are most skilled at swimming when you have never in your life ever tried cleaning portaloos for a living. That might be my calling. I should try it. The heart is an asshole it doesn’t know what you want shit it looks back fondly on McDonald’s food and probably still win when the diabetes kicks in. If you find your calling does it matter if it isn’t something worthy enough for you to make it on to Ellen? No I think I need to go out and try everything I can so I can find my calling even if it is something as obsolete as driving or riding I guess a rickshaw



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